About Us

Parks Drilling Company was founded in 1971 by James Parks. It started out with one drill rig and a few tools. It has since grown into a large fleet of diverse Drill Rigs, Cranes, and various other Equipment and Tooling over the past 50 years. Parks Drilling Company is a proud Union Contractor that utilizes local labor unions of all trades in our projects. Parks Drilling Companies work area covers most of the central United States including Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, and South Carolina. PDC specializes in turn-key foundation solutions for the electric utility and commercial construction industries. We are built on a solid foundation of Safety, Integrity, and Professionalism. Our full package construction teams are designed to deliver honest, realistic results to even the most complex projects, as well as the small projects.

Parks Drilling Company is an Industry Expert in Drilled Shaft Installation, but also provides rock excavation, spread footers, flatwork, electric utility, substation construction, commercial construction, commercial transmission lines, site preparation and infrastructure. Parks Drilling has operated for the past 50 years with the belief “You are only as good as who you surround yourself with”. This motto continues to help us grow within the Utility Industry and Commercial Construction Industry. PDC wants to partner with clients to provide best-in-class, diversified construction solutions that meet their business and industry goals.


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