Parks Drilling Company’s clients can feel confident that they have chosen a premier drilled shaft company that leads the industry in experience, safety, tooling, and equipment. The Parks group is equipped with a state of the art maintenance and fabricating team that keep our equipment and tools ready for the worst of drilling conditions. Parks specializes in drilled shafts that range from 18” diameter to 132” diameter and can drill up to 100 feet deep in any subsurface conditions.

  • Lo-Drill 360
  • Lo-Drill TR60
  • Lo-Drill TR40
  • Lo-Drill-TR490
  • IMT-180 Short Mast
  • IMT 216 Full Mast
  • Watson 2500
  • Watson 2500
  • Watson 3110 Truck Rig Short Mast
  • Watson 3110 Truck Rig Short Mast
  • Watson 3110 Truck Rig Long Mast
  • Linkbelt 100 -Ton Truck Crane
  • Manitex 50-Ton Boom Truck
  • Grove 870 Truck Crane
  • Grove 640 Truck Crane
  • Grove 35 Ton R/T Crane
  • Water Truck
  • 5- Flatbed Heavy Haul Trucks
General Construction Methods
Techniques For Maintaining Stable Drilled Shaft Excavations
Site Characterization
Tools and Equipment



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