August 23, 2015


IMG_1650Parks Drilling Co. takes safety on the job site seriously.

We go above and beyond compliance with safety standards set by OSHA by employing a full-time Safety Manager to develop safety policies and procedures, provide training and oversee job sites to ensure all safety measures are met.

Every employee at Parks Drilling Co. is thoroughly trained in safety procedures and obligated to know and abide by the safety requirements and standards for their area or job.

And because we understand that each and every drilling job is different, we identify potential safety concerns prior to beginning the job and complete an analysis of all safety plans that will be implemented to ensure the safety of site and crew.

Parks Drilling Co. is committed to providing our customers more than a job well done… a job well done safely.

For more information about our drilling safety procedures,  please contact  Jason Brown, CHST, our Safety Manager.